2. loish:

    my latest illustration! an ode to my troubled love/hate relationship with clutter.

  6. New Babylon | 1954-1969 | by Constant Nieuwenhuys

    more informations here (in french):

    more informations here (in english):

  7. From the movie Sound of Noise by Ola Simonsson and Johannes Stjärne Nilsson

  8. By my friend MacRabbit’s tumblr / blog

  9. by Marfigram Site / tumblr

  10. By Tomartichaut

    (Source : azertip)

  12. By loish

  13. abandonedography:

    Rising up inside the walk ways of a semi-abandoned colossal steel mill in FranceDaniel Barter

  14. Source: Rena Tom

  15. bluebed:

    A comic I did for NYT’s Private Lives column, thanks to AD Alexandra Zsigmond. You’ll notice the published version has three panels edited out and the girl in the first two panels is replaced with various things. The full version has a nicer pacing with the dual timeline, but it would’ve been too heavy and cluttered to go with the article.

    Also, since I had to do it in a hotten humid land far away from home it’s my first fully digital piece for NYT, which finally gives me an opportunity to recommend Kyle T.Webster’s brushes. For this one I used “brush beauty.”

    Finally, APE this weekend. I’m not tabling, but I’ll be at the Ten Years of the Cartoon Art Museum panel and I’ll bring some of my recent zines and comics with me in case you recognize me. If you’re in town, my originals from Picnic Ruined are currently exhibited at CAM, next to the toilets.